Once you make that choice to be part of the network marketing industry, it means “rewiring” your thinking to be an entrepreneur and to be solely responsible for the success and growth of your business. You can’t blame anyone for your failures or what you have failed to do, but yourself.  5Linx has a good reputation considering its age in the industry. Also, it’s experienced considerable growth in its top producers and leaders. In fact, in 2005 it made the Fortune 500 list, so joining the company means having a powerful tool for getting rich. Once you sign up, follow these simple suggestions to building a successful business with 5Linx. I give you this as I believe that everyone should be given a certain advantage point to growing their business.

•    Make a decision now to not quit! Being committed and persistent is crucial to your future. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme or some kind of overnight miracle but if anyone tells you that you can get rich overnight in any MLM, run from them. 5Linx is a very viable, legitimate, and powerful vehicle to creating wealth and prosperity—should you choose to pursue it. If this is your first network marketing company, you will need to undergo a mindset shift from being an employee to an entrepreneur, which is accomplished through personal development. Along with a solid mindset, having a powerful heart and belief in your company and product will help propel you to success. This alone will not always be enough as we will sometimes allow our fears to creep in and steal our fortunes and happiness. Do not allow your fear to take control of your life.

•    Find a mentor. If possible, look to the top producers and leaders of the company. Talk to them, ask their advice, and pick their brains. Don’t miss out on opportunities to network with them. Network marketing success largely dependent on duplication of the best marketing practices and skills. To create a powerful organization means each member of your downline is a replica of you. Try not to keep it simple, don’t speak to much when interacting, do lots of listening and remember it’s not in the detail that sells, its in finding the need that closes the deals. Show this to our downline and teach them this these skills. Let’s not forget that mentors are also powerful sources of inspiration when doing the business becomes difficult and discouraging. With their guidance, you will be able to negotiate any obstacle that blocks your path.

•    Study your company/market/products. While enthusiasm and passion are a must, you won’t gain anything by dashing headlong into something with which you are not familiar. Neither will you feel confident when sharing your products or opportunity. 5Linx offers extensive training on its products and services, company, and compensation plan. Become a master of the 5Linx product line. Become a master at sharing your opportunity. As you obtain more knowledge about 5Linx, you will become more confident when engaging your clients and potential business partners. Remember taking any and all training that makes you a better personal and professional in your field is what will give you the knowledge to deal with all types of situations and circumstance.

•    Incorporate internet marketing with your marketing plan. With the boom of information technology and the demand for making more connections with the world, combining network marketing with the power of the Internet has become more the norm than the exception. While not entirely a thing of the past, doing simple cold calls is far from enough. You need a marketing system that will generate a massive amount of leads, and allow you to benefit from prospects, even if they do not join your business. Don’t underestimate how many leads you can generate using the Internet and social marketing. Want to learn more? Visit for more information on joining this amazing business opportunity.



Skype: cleanperformance2011

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